Fundraising for startups has a lot to do with telling a compelling story about the idea, the problem, the solution and the impact, thereby making the business proposition compelling to the investors. It is a time consuming and energy-intensive process.

We work with entrepreneurs to get a deep understanding of the business and act as an advisor, to assist with building the pitch deck, to provide funding options from potential investors and to help with all aspects of a capital transaction including negotiation and deal structuring.

Financial Planning, Analysis
& Reporting

Very often, with limited growth opportunities for businesses, finance functions are being increasingly challenged to provide a strategic edge to the organisation. They are required to be more effective at enabling and driving strategy and be enablers to business leaders to achieve business goals.

We collaborate with client teams to build the MIS reporting to best of breed levels, build analytical skills within the team to extract business insights from data, develop Business & Financial Plans, Annual Budgets and establish governance models for monitoring and tracking.

Working Capital / Cash
Management & Return on Capital

Uncertainties in the global economy and financial markets are putting increasing pressures on companies and their supply chains. The adage “cash is king” remains as relevant as ever, and the importance of positive cash flow in sustaining business and reducing financial risk remains a top priority for all businesses.

We work with clients to establish best practices in terms of developing effective strategies and processes for reducing Working Capital requirements (by targeting receivables, inventory & payables), Cash flow forecasting and Liquidity management, thereby maximising return on Capital in the most effective way.


Economic downturns are normally characterised by Revenue pressures driven by shrinking demand, customer price pressures, and aggressive pricing from competitors, while costs for raw materials, labour & other overheads are rising, resulting in profitability gaps, liquidity shortages and cash problems.

We work side by side with clients to develop transformation strategies and a sustainable business model that will secure liquidity in the short term without compromising on the long term priorities.

M&A advisory to enable
investor readiness

M&As are complex and very time consuming, and some companies may lack resources to support the transaction.

We handhold clients towards preparedness for an M&A due diligence, by ensuring data readiness, assisting in business and financial analysis on historical performance and future projections, interfacing with investment bankers and potential investors, coordinating between the client team and other advisors.

Accounting & Regulatory systems
and control

The finance function needs to have strong accounting processes and controls for accurate reporting, as well as to optimise risk management and compliance.

We assist clients in building strong accounting process controls and regulatory compliance mechanisms, which apart from current requirements, will be flexible enough to accommodate future changes in regulations.

This will enable a stable environment and more predictable near term forecasts.