Revenue &
profit maximisation

Strategies for

While many companies are able to achieve a period of fast growth in their early years, the vast majority will find themselves stalling once they mature. To continue scaling companies need a well thought out growth strategy.

We partner with clients to help them become high-performance businesses by assisting them in building coherent strategies around Market Penetration, Market Expansion/Development, Product Expansion, Growth Through Diversification, adding new locations, Investing in customer acquisition etc.

Sales productivity /
Quota performance

You can't manage what you don’t measure. Metrics are very critical for all parts of the business, especially while dealing with large amounts of information. This ensures that leaders’ decisions are guided by metrics rather than intuition.

We identify the Sales, Operational & Financial metrics performance and trends, that are critical to the client's business success, and jointly develop the roadmap for operational implementation and also handhold them through the execution.

Pricing /
Monetisation Models

Companies need effective pricing strategies to sell their products in a competitive marketplace to grow and remain profitable.

Our team helps clients build pricing strategies and capabilities that respond to the marketplace and support profitable growth. We consider a range of factors, such as prices offered by competitors, costs for production and distribution, product positioning and determining the demographics of potential buyers while developing a pricing strategy.

Product /
LOB Profitability

Analysing data to enable impactful decisions requires companies to understand the key drivers of margin performance across the end-to-end value chain. Each product and each line of business could carry a different level of Profit Contribution to the business, thereby requiring a focused product/service approach that will deliver the desired level of growth and profitability.

Our engagements combine diagnostics, analytics, financial benchmarking and critical evaluation of alternative operating models to enable our clients to focus their investments and energy in the areas that will bring the best balance between growth and profitability in a sustainable way. We also assist with operationalising the initiatives and enable them to gear themselves to drive profitable growth.